Friday, 29 July 2011

Sleek Make-Up Palette ( Storm 578 )

The Sleek Make-Up Palette  ( Storm 578 ) I was given as a present. To be truthful why spend so much money on expensive brand when there are amazing 
pigmented colour's out on the high street. I cannot fault the palette as the range of colour's are amazing and there are a range of types that you can use in the palette. 

There are two matte colour's within the palette which I use as bases for other shadow's that I am applying over the top for effects. The rest of the colour's 
can be layered but I have found that there is a lot of fall out from them (advise not to put foundation on first). Otherwise I have found that I have been able to 
achieve dramatic and natural looks from these. The palette is ideal for someone that 
doesn't want to spend a lot of money on a set of eyeshadow's,
but also want's the best quality. 


  1. how much is this palette? :)

  2. Hey, they are around £6 from Superdrug. Im on my second one already xxx

  3. I have that palette and i love it. Sleek are a really nice brand. And it looks more expensive than it is!