Thursday, 4 August 2011


I first smelt this fragrance when i was in boots a few months back. I sprayed a little on my wrists and on my neck. I couldn't really tell if I liked it or not. I carried on walking around the shops and once it had warmed up on my skin i thought that it was the most lovely smelling perfume. It gave a modern fruity chype with warm woody depth. I forgot about the perfume after that but didn't realize that my Mum had asked my Dad to get it her in Duty Free. This is the largest bottle that you can buy. I love the fragrance. It reminds me of winter and warmth. Would recommend to anyone. Is a bit on the pricey side but totally worth it.   


V05 Miracle Concentrate

You may have heard a few of the Beauty Guru's on YouTube talking about the new V05 Miracle Concentrate with Argan Oil. I thought that I would give it a whirl to see what i think. When I saw the bottle I wasn't to impressed with the size of the bottle for around £6. If it was any more expensive I wouldn't have bought it. :/

When I use it I apply it to the ends of my hair when it is wet and once again when I have straightened or curled. I have found that the oil has really given the ends of my hair some real life to them. It doesn't make my hair greasy but can imagine that it will for people with very fine hair. My hair has had everything done possible to make the ends brittle and wiry. The oil has made my hair feel so soft and even reduced my split ends. Would definitely recommend this to anyone with thick and damaged ends of hair. All round very!! Impressed with the product. Give it a try ! XD